Positions Available !

“We are looking for dedicated and passionate members to join the core Observe Agriculture team

What is OA about ?

Observe Agriculture is an early stage tech-startup dedicated to having a significant impact in the Agricultural Industry. Our approach is  driven by innovative precision agriculture techniques and data acquisition. Our team started with a few passionate McGill students who specialize in Precision agriculture, Sensor system development, Business, and International development. 

What type of core member are we looking for?

We are looking for dedicated and passionate members to join the core Observe Agriculture team. It is important for members of the team to be driven and have an interest in creating a real impact on the future of agriculture, the environment and the produce market. We also want for our members to fill a leadership role and to be flexible with their time. Team dynamic and reliable communication is very important to us. If you believe that you fit this description please see the following available positions:

Business Team

Financial Officer

Job Description:


  • Develop Business plan along side executive team
  • Develop a plan for raising funds
  • Produce applications for grants and seed funding
  • Manage budget and book keeping
  • Produce high-level projections for revenue and costs
  • Produce cash flow forecasts
  • Collaborate and keep good communication with members of the team
  • Bringing a home cooked snack to team potlucks


  • Financial background
  • Undergraduate of business management, specialization in Finance
  • Some experience in book keeping and raising funds
  • Must be a driven individual and passionate for the project
  • French and English proficiency


  • Current or former MBA student (NOT REQUIRED)
  • Startup experience
  • experience in raising funds


  • Flexible hours
  • Engage in administration meetings at least 2 times per week