Our Team

Mohamed Debbagh

Co - Founder & Chief Executive Officer, M.Sc. Bioresource Engineering

Precision Agriculture | Sensor Systems | IOT

M.Sc., B.Eng Bioresource Engineering

M. Environmental Engineering

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Zachary Markofsky

Chief People Officer, M.Sc. Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Organizational Development | Talent Acquisition | Data Analytics

M.Sc. Industrial and Organizational Psychology 

B.A. Psychology

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Dilin Izol

Front End Developer

Computer Science Undergraduate Student

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Ylan Tran

Team Liaison, International Development

Development Economics and International Development Undergraduate Student

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Ervin Cai

Hardware, Bioresource Engineering 

Bioresource Engineering Undergraduate Student

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Maxime Nectoux

Engineering Intern, Bioresource Engineering

Bioresource Engineering Undergraduate Student

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